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Explore the fascinating world of Kombucha mushroom tea and the scoby culture that makes the magic happen.

Strawberry Kombucha Recipe

Strawberry fields forever. Strawberry girl, banana split lady. Strawberries and cream. Nothing is quite as amazing as strawberry. Combine with kombucha and you have a real winner. It’s a common flavor, but don’t underestimate its popularity. It’s really, really good. … Continue reading

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Lemon-Ginger Kombucha Recipe

Lemon and Ginger are both very active and sharp.  What an amazing combination when you get the ratio just right.  Experiment to taste and your 3rd or 4th brew should be outstanding. A unique and refreshing combination. Use an entire … Continue reading

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Ginger-Strawberry Kombucha Recipe

The only thing more exciting than strawberry, is strawberry with ginger! Our second favorite. Puree 4 organic strawberries and a chunk (1×1 inch) of ginger. (also in a sealed jug or wine bottle)

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