Getting Started

What you will need to get started:

Here is a list of the items needed to brew your own Kombucha Tea.
Brewing Kombucha is fun and easy.
Please be sure to read and follow directions we have provided.
As with any food preparation, you must keep your work area clean in order not to contaminate your brew.
If you have any questions feel free to call us for free phone support.
All of our cultures are Guaranteed to grow, If in the event your culture gets contaminated or doesn’t work we will send you another at no additional cost to you!

Glass Jar or Bowl- (do NOT use ceramic, plastic parts, crystal or metal, can be toxic)
Distilled Water- only !!! Do not use spring, tap, Brita, filtered or well waterIn our research, we have found all other waters have increased risk  of mold growth

Tea Green or Black-Use regular tea for your first few batches, organic may promote mold growth.

 Sugar- Regular granulated for your first few batches, organic may promote mold growth.

Cloth, Coffee Filter or a Paper Towel- This prevents insect contamination. Make sure it is a tight knit.

Rubber Band Or String

Plastic Strainer- metal strainers can harm your culture due to rust.

Once you have a backup culture, (after your first batch) feel free to experiment in using organic ingredients, but never use anything but a glass container and ALWAYS use distilled water.