How To Make Kombucha Tea

How to Make Kombucha Tea

Here is how to make kombucha tea for a fraction of the cost of store bought kombucha. Many of us have spent a fortune buying bottled kombucha in the market that is not really a living food. When you make it fresh, you’re guaranteed to benefit from its living qualities, unlike store bought kombucha which is pasteurized.

  • Use DISTILLED WATER.  Do NOT use tap or spring water under any circumstances.

how to make kombucha tea1.  Boil Water for 5 minutes.  Do NOT over boil. Over boiling reduces the oxygen and carbon dioxide needed for fermenting. The purpose is to heat the water sufficiently to extract the tea and dissolve the sugar.

2. Add Tea. Green, Black or White Tea. ( 3-4  bags per gallon )
The organic teas are more likely to mold. If you want to be safe and save money, use NON-organic teas and you will be less likely to experience any mold problems if you follow directions. Later, when you have plenty of cultures to experiment, you can use organic teas and see how it goes.

3. Add Sugar. (1 cup per gallon) Don’t worry the culture will consume most if not all the sugar in a week or two.

4 . Cool to room temperature and place into the glass jar.

Make sure that the tea is NOT hot before proceeding to step 5!!!!!!!

5.  Add some “Starter Tea” (included in our kit).  You don’t need much, maybe half a cup or less is fine.(The liquid the culture came in) Use the liquid from your previous kombucha brew for next round, this is added to kick start the fermentation process and to prevent mold! So remember, to save some of your first batches as your “starter tea” (ie: don’t drink it all)

6.  Add the kombucha culture. Place the “mother” kombucha in the tea. The kombucha will grow to fit any size container.

Note: The “mother” may float, sink or go on its side; Don’t worry it’s no Problem.

7.  Cover with a cloth that is tight knit. You can also use coffee paper filters or paper towels depending on the size of the container. Various covers are options, you can be a little creative. The purpose is to prevent pathogens and or insects from contaminating the brew.

8.  Leave undisturbed for 9 days at 79F (26C) or 14 days at 74F (23.5C). Some prefer their kombucha sweeter with a 6-8 day ferment. Brew to your taste. Kombucha feeds on caffeine and sugar so the longer you brew the stronger it is, and the shorter you brew the sweeter it is.

9.  Your tea is ready to drink, you can either enjoy it now or add flavor. Please refer to our Bottling and Flavoring Recipes.
Note: Refrigeration will slow the fermentation process by 90%, so when it’s to your liking, put it in the fridge.

kombucha tea

10. Gently separate the new culture (baby) from the mother, now you have 2 kombucha cultures that can each make a new batch. Don’t forget to save some starter tea, you will need it for your next batch.