Kombucha History and why it remains popular after thousands of years

The History of Kombucha

Kombucha history culture in motion

Kombucha History the story behind the magical culture.

Kombucha history a culture in motion. Frequently and commonly referred to as a mushroom, It is actually not a mushroom kombucha is a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria or “SCOBY” for short,

The good kind of bacteria and yeast that most people today are sadly lacking. Kombucha Mushroom Tea is made with cultures, black or green tea, sugar, and water.

The ingredients are allowed to “ferment”, usually from 7-10 days. The resulting beverage contains dozens of elements, many of which are known to promote healing for a variety of conditions.

Kombucha History and why it remains popular after thousands of years.

The origins of Kombucha history have become mixed up  throughout history. Some say that the origins are in the Far East China, and have been used there for over two thousand years. 

Records show that kombucha comes from China in 200 BC during the Tsin Dynasty. Referred to as  “The Tea of Immortality”. 

It has been used in Eastern Europe, Russia and Japan for centuries. It is said that in Japan around 400 AD the name “Kombucha” is said to have originated. A Korean physician by the name of Kombu treated the Emperor with kombucha tea and it took his name, “Kombu” & “cha” which means tea. Hense Kombu Cha.

Russia also has a long history of using a healing drink they call “Kvass” which is made from a Japanese Mushroom.
From Russia it is thought spread to Poland, Prussia, Germany and Denmark then only to disappear during World War 2.

After the war a Dr. Rudolph Skelnar started using kombucha in Germany to treat cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes. Kombucha use has spread by the passing of cultures from family to family and among friends.

Kombucha has been a large part of Russian, Chinese, and Egyptian, culture for 1000’s of years. There are many other cultures with a long radiant history of vibrant health.

Regardless of who discovered the healing power that it holds, there is still much to be learned about the potential benefits we all can gain from it.

Hopefully in the future there will be more of an effort to promote natural medicines like kombucha,  Kefir, and Tibicos. With any luck there will be less focus on man made chemicals that sometimes do more harm than good.
Most of the commonly prescribed medicines these days have little long term studies. Kombucha history has stood the test of time.

Why we need Kombucha in today’s world

We are so frequently deprived of these basic and essential living nutrients and many of us are eating dead food that has little or no nutritional value.

Diet is essential to vibrant health. Kombucha is built on developing and improving health as well as building up the body’s natural defenses.