Kombucha starter kit organic probiotic tea for a fraction of the price.

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basic starter kit

Kombucha Starter Kit $19.99

Chia Seeds

1/2 LB Of Organic Chia Seeds $14.99

half gallon kombucha starter kit

Deluxe Kombucha Starter Kit $34.99

mini kombucha starter kit

Mini Kombucha Starter Kit $14.99

best kombucha kit

Everything Kombucha Kit $79.99

gallon kombucha starter kit

The 1 Gallon Kit $49.99

organic black tea

4 oz Loose Organic Black Tea $12.99

organic green tea

4 oz Loose Organic Green Tea $12.99

one gallon amber jug

1 Gallon Amber Glass Bottle $24.99

half gallon amber jug

1/2 Gallon Amber Glass Bottle $19.99

basic starter kit

3 Kombucha Cultures $39.99



plastic strainer

Plastic Strainer $5.99


Kombucha Starter Kit

If you’ve been looking for a way to get healthier at home, the Kombucha starter kit might be exactly what you need to get you on your way. Our Kombucha starter kit includes everything you need to begin making healthy tea for yourself at home. The tea can help regulate your digestion, and reduce acid reflux and gas. When getting you healthier can be as easy as waking up and drinking some delicious tea, then what reason could there possibly be for not doing it?

The Kombucha starter kit is all you’ll need to get your digestive track, on the right track. Kombucha tea is unique due to its combination of several bacteria and yeasts, which help your body to regulate digestion. With one of these kits you’ll quickly be feeling better, healthier, and good about having bettered your health right from home.

That’s just the basic kit, with the more advanced kit, you get even more bang for your buck. Of course, if you’re strapped for cash, but still want your gut feeling better on a daily basis, then there is nothing wrong with the basic Kombucha starter kit!

Having acid reflux and gas can be a good way to ruin your day. Having to put up with it seems ridiculous, especially since you can get a Kombucha starter kit for only $19.99. I’m a huge fan of loose leaf tea, and getting any sort of tea kit for a little fewer than 20 dollars is absolutely a great deal. The basic Kombucha starter kit includes: A Kombucha culture, starter tea, instructions, and online or phone support for your kit!
That way you not only get the deliciousness of some home brewed, loose leaf tea, but also the cleansing power of healthy cultures.

Get yourself started on some digestive healthy tea with our basic starter kit for only $19.99 Free Shipping . You can get healthier with only a cup of tea a day. Could it possibly be any easier to get your health in order?  Don’t put your health on the back burner, get your gut in order with a Kombucha kit today.