Scoby Hotel

Scoby Hotel

Scoby Hotel

It’s a good idea to keep a few backup cultures in what we call a scoby hotel just in case a batch that you are brewing goes bad. There are a few reasons your batch can become contaminated, and here are a few examples:


Organic teas
Organic teas are grown in unstable environments and may contain contaminants.

Organic sugars
Most organic sugars are unprocessed and contain small particulates that can ruin your brew.

Anti bacterial soaps
Residue from antibacterial soaps can be harmful to your kombucha since it is a beneficial bacteria. If used be sure to rinse out your vessel well.

Tap water, filtered water, spring water, R/O water, ect…
When using anything other than distilled water contains chlorine and trace minerals which can cause mold. 

Although you can use these ingredients there is always a small chance it will grow mold. A small chance but none the less a chance, about 5% of batches that are made with organic ingredients become contaminated. About 10% of kombucha brews  made with filtered water grow green, white, or black mold. Almost all batches of Kombucha tea made with tap water go bad. Personally I like using organic tea and sugar.

Saving a backup komucha culture is a must to ensure the sustainability of your probiotic  tea:

Every time a batch of kombucha tea is made, a new kombucha culture (aka) mushroom grows! We recommend that you save the new cultures (aka) baby’s in a glass jar with about a cup of kombucha starter tea and 3 cups of distilled water, next cover the jar with a cloth and a rubber band, just like you would do with your kombucha brew.

I call it a SCOBY Hotel.

Treat your scoby hotel as you would treat your kombucha brew. Be sure to keep your backup container in a room temperature environment and always away from sunlight. Check on them every few weeks to see that they are properly hydrated. It is important to make sure they don’t dry out. Over time the hotel will loose a bit of liquid due to evaporation. When this happens just add a little distilled water to the container. Keep your babies happy !
Follow this link to learn more about symbiotic cultures of yeast and bacteria aka S.C.O.B.Y.

Kombucha Cultures can last over a year if kept in Kombucha Sustainabilitythe right environment. 

So just in case it’s a good idea to keep adding backup cultures to your SCOBY Hotel, throwing out the older or brownish ones as !