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Kombucha contains probiotics, friendly yeasts, and bacteria that act as a natural detox removing toxins from the body. As your digestion improves and your body balances its pH level, you will have fewer cravings for junk food as well as more energy. More energy means that you are more likely to exercise. The more often we exercise the happier we are, in addition to losing weight and improving physical fitness. The kombucha culture works by altering the pH of the large and small intestine to a slightly more acidic level. The bacteria causing acid re-flux indigestion and gas also known as ” putrefactive” tends to be inhibited or destroyed. Kombucha is not a cure-all or a magical drink, It helps with digestion and energy… just another fermented product to add to your diet in moderation along with other fermented foods. Especially beneficial to weight loss and vibrant health. As a probiotic, kombucha culture aids in the breakdown and digestion of food, preventing acid reflux and relieving constipation…the good bacteria and yeast present in the Kombucha Tea reduce bad bacteria and parasites in the intestines.

Beneficial Contents Include:


The enzymes invertase and lactase are found in kombucha. Enzymes promote chemical and metabolic processes in the body. Lactase is necessary for digesting lactose, the sugar found in milk products. Invertase helps digest sugar sucrose.


Yeasts in kombucha contains a number of minerals, including chromium, potassium, sulfur, iron, and phosphorus which are essential for the communication of nerve impulses and the contraction of muscles. These minerals play vital role in the acid-base balance of the body, and assist in the regulation pH levels in the blood and other natural fluids. Minerals are the fundamental components of our skeletal structure such as bones and teeth.


A certain amount of cellulose makes its way into the tea. Cellulose is an insoluble fiber that improves digestive function and helps prevent constipation and colon cancer. Cellulose is one of the most common organic compounds found on the planet. Generally found in plants, it is the fundamental building block for the structural walls in vegetable matter.

Amino Acids:

Amino acids are building blocks that make up proteins. Kombucha contains amino acids such as leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, and valine. These are amino acids which are not made in the body and must be derived from your food source. Leucine helps repair mussels, regulates blood sugar levels, provides energy to the body, and increases production of growth hormones. Lysine has antiviral properties preventing viral outbreaks, helps the production of antibodies for a healthy immune system, helps strengthen bones, and is needed for hormone production. Methionine promotes cardiovascular health, builds strong healthy tissue, and eliminates toxins in the body. Phenylalanine is effective in treating brain disorders due to its ability to penetrate the blood -brain barrier, it is needed for normal functioning of the central nervous system and has been used to treat conditions that effect the central nervous system, and has been used to treat chronic pain as well as depression. Threonine maintains proper protein balance, supports cardiovascular system,central nervous system, immune system, and liver functions. Valine manages blood sugar levels, provides energy, and helps to repair tissue.

Other Nutrients:

Lecithin helps break down fats in the body and also protects the myelin sheath which is a dielectric material that forms a layer called the myelin sheath, usually around only the axon of a neuron. It is essential for the proper nervous system functions. myelin sheath is formed in the womb at around the third trimester of pregnancy. Vitamin C is also produced by the bacteria in the kombucha culture, vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and immune booster. Thus making kombucha tea a natural powerhouse in the efforts of digestion aid and weight loss. Add kombucha culture to your diet and start seeing results immediately. Each one of our Kombucha Cultures are guaranteed to grow. In the event something goes wrong on your first attempt, we will ship you another to you at no additional cost. And now for the legal stuff: Please consult with your health practitioner or doctor before consuming any kombucha products. Do not drink kombucha tea if you are pregnant, nursing, or for children 4 years or younger. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.