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Drawing dates are the 7th , 14th , 21st and 28th of each month !

Last Years Winners:

1/7    William L   California
1/14  Sandra G   Colorado
1/21  Steven R   Texas
1/28  Gary B    Massachusetts

2/7    Kelly R   Florida
2/14  Ella J   Hawaii
2/21  Nodari V   New Mexico
2/28  Aisleagh J   Vancouver

3/7    Susan M   Washington
3/14  Ronald H   California
3/21  Leanne W   New York
3/28  Ellen K   North Carolina

4/7    Walter E   Florida
4/14  Barry L   Toronto
4/21  Kellly C   California
4/28  Martha H   Vermont

5/7   Gretta J   Arizona
5/14  Hannah W   Minnesota
5/21  Peter R   Oregon
5/28  Chris R   Louisianan

6/7   Su-Tai H   New York
6/14  Kristy D   North Dakota
6/21  Fatima H   Florida
6/28  Paul P   Mississippi

7/7   Amanda L   Rhode Island
7/14  Samantha C   Connecticut
7/21  Robert D   California
7/28   Indira B   California

8/7    Lester O   Indiana
8/14   Daiwik M   Nevada
8/21   Orly O   New York
8/28   Heather V   Illinois

9/7     Emil G   Georgia
9/14   Emily R   Florida
9/21   Maddison W   Kentucky
9/28   Teresa G   Texas

10/7    Tomas S   New Hampshire
10/14  Cindy K   Georgia
10/21  Greland M Washington
10/28  Amanda P Texas

11/7    Ralph G Wisconsin
11/14  Leah R Oregon
11/21  Seriana S  California
11/28  Dani S  Mississippi

12/7    Kimberly D  Wisconsin
12/14  Martha H   Hawaii
12/21  Garry R   New York
12/28  Art B   California

This Years Winners:

1/7     Bill R   Kansas
1/14   Nicki D   Florida
1/21   Grace L Montana
1/28   Phillip R Kansas

2/7    Lalaena G Colorado
2/14  Griffin J  Wyoming
2/21  Delmy H  Washington
2/28  Ginger P  New York

3/7    Mary T  Texas
3/14  Charlie B  Arizona
3/21  Denise M Maryland
3/28  Mischa O New York

4/7    Mary B Oregon
4/14  Martha E Georgia
4/21  Roger S Hawaii
4/28  Paul P California

5/7    Janelle Y Texas, 5/7 Bree W Washington, Katie W Ohio
5/14  Vaughn A Washington
5/21  James S California
5/28  Carmen G  Florida

6/7    Grant F  Oregon
6/14  Lupe C  California