What is a Scoby?

Bacteria &

Kombucha is often referred to as a SCOBY. It is also known as a mother, baby, or kombucha culture.You might have heard people talking about kombucha and mention of the word scoby. The scoby is the living bacteria “body” that produces kombucha by converting sweetened tea into healthy acids that nourish the body.

The culture is fermented in sweetened, caffeinated tea and turns into vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and organic acids. As the kombucha digests the sugar, it produces a range of organic acids like butyric acid, glucuronic acid, lactic acid, gluconic acid, acetic acid, malic acid, and usnic acid along with vitamins like vitamins B and C, and amino acids, enzymes, and probiotic microorganisms. 

We take great pride in growing healthy scobys that produce wonderful kombucha brews.  Our scobys are never frozen or dehydrated.

One SCOBY can make an endless supply of kombucha tea.

A few interesting facts about the scoby:

They will grow to fit the shape of the brewing vessel.

Each organism is both aerobic as well as anaerobic. 

The kombucha scoby grows to cover the surface of the container it is in, creating a barrier that allows for both aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. It is important to use a cloth or paper cover when brewing kombucha so that oxygen is able to circulate and process through the surface layer of the scoby. A fine-knit cloth (for example, a coffee filter or paper towel) works best in avoiding contamination. Loose-knit cloths and linens allow for debris and insects to enter into your brew . Read more about SCOBYS and how to have an endless supply of kombucha: Click Here SCOBY HOTEL